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Pressure Washers

The advantage of using a pressure washer over more conventional methods is that you are only using about 1/5 the water you would normally use with a garden hose, and provides 75 times more power.  This translates to water savings, and time savings! The job dictates the size. Are you looking to clear off the car, of clear off a deck? Do you want to strip dirt,  or strip the wood too? 

We have pressure washers, up to 3600psi. B&S or Honda engines.

The toughest part of pressure washer service is getting parts for the pump section itself. It seems that there are a few Italian manufacturers who make most of the pumps, but they vary in oh so slight ways, and make them difficult to find the right parts.

We can service most any of the engines (except the Asian knockoffs that are starting to flood the industry).  As far as pump repairs, we stick to Briggs and Stratton branded units. (Not just B&S engines, but B&S units.)  Even then we are careful, because with many of the cheaper models, the pump costs almost as much as the whole pressure washer did!

Our goal is to sell you a unit that not only functions, but lasts.   Click here for a great buyer's guide.


A guide from Briggs and Stratton Power Products:

Pressure Washer guide