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We sell Aggrand products. We sell Amsoil products.


Equipment Pickup and Delivery

Mower Servicing Summary

If you need a hand getting your equipment here, please call. 

At this time we only have an itemized service listing for consumer level mowers.  Yes, we work on MANY things, but it is difficult to have a menu that addresses each type of machine. 

When Experience Counts

If you purchased the machine from us, chances are we have your make, model, and serial number right on our computer! (But if you didn't we can always add it in under your name.)

We have been doing this for a LONG time.  We often time insist on having your make, model, and serial number... but for good reason.  We use computer lookup (and sometimes even break out the book).  For us to find the right part that you need, we need to start in the right place.  Getting the wrong part is frustrating for both of us.  You cannot return special order parts. So the next time we hound you for more information, believe me, it's best for both of us!

We have access to many belts, blades, switches, and engine parts that have come from 'other homes' than ours.  There is a good chance we can help you, even if you did not buy the unit from us.

We'll keep you out of trouble, if you'll let us!

Warranty Issues

If you purchased a unit somewhere else, and if we can do the warranty work on the unit, we will need original bill of sale, and the owner's manual which defines the warranty coverage. Then we can proceed.

When it comes to parts, especially snow related parts, please be sure to get the correct ones with your model and serial numbers. In the middle of a storm is not a good time to find out you 'missed'.

Every type of equipment has it's own quirks and operating hazards. If you have any questions, please ask us.