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Zero Turn Mowers

What's all the hoopla?

A zero turn mower allows you to "turn on a dime" literally. This allows tremendous maneuverability, hence saving time.  Even more time is saved with bigger decks and bigger engines.  More time is saved again, with the better series of Z mowers (Titan for example) which have stronger frames, fabricated decks with faster blade tip speeds, and better drives that allow you to faster.

With all this in mind, stop by to take a personal hands on demo... just pick a nice sunny day.

Toro TimeCutter Series

Designed for the common lawn, from 1/2 to 2 acres, this unit remains to be one of the best values. You don't have to pay a lot to get a lot!

For a TimeCutter with a stamped deck,
then click
TimeCutter SS series comparison.

For a TimeCutter with a fabricated deck, SmartSpeed control system, stronger drive, then click
TimeCutter MX series comparison.

Toro Titan Z Series

The Titan series is designed for what we call the 'heavy duty homeowner'.  The lawn size is typically larger than 2 acres up to 4 acres.

  • Fabricated (welded, not stamped) deck sizes available from 48" to 60".
  • 5 gallon fuel tank
  • Kawasaki engines
  • Stronger drive systems
  • Tougher frame
  • Larger wheels
  • 3 year homeowner warranty

But with this Titan Z, it has a commercial grade deck, which means you can mow at a faster ground speed and still achieve a beautiful result.

Click for Titan series comparison


People often cut their mowing time in half, just by switching to a consumer level 'Z'. People cut that time in again, switching from a consumer 'Z' to a heavy duty homeowner level 'Z'.

What is the difference?

Homeowner Z

Heavyduty Homeowner Z

.5 to 2 acres normal lawn 1+ rough land
2 or more acres
Lighter frame Heavy duty frame
Stamped deck Fabricated deck
Briggs, Kohler, Kawasaki, various Asian engines Kohler, Kawasaki engines
EZT good,
IZT cheapest
ZT2200, ZT2800, and better.
How does Value come into play? 

The more economical Toro and Ariens hold up well, and mow nicely.  But if you buy too 'lightly' the machine may not hold up as well, meaning you will replace it sooner.  Object of the game is to buy the correct size mower for your lawn. We'd be glad to help you discover what would be best for your situation. 

Our favorite is the Toro in this category.  They mow nicely, priced competitively, and hold up well.

Regardless of what dealer you buy your machine from, avoid the big big stores whenever possible.  This will help assure you get the right machine, correctly prepped and adjusted, and you will get free training too.  

One last thing to keep in mind: a Z is still not a tractor. You can tow light loads behind the machine as long as you 'think' like a tractor for turning purposes.  But if you turn, like a Z will allow, you'll be twisting up metal behind you.