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Riding Mowers

Is this a new Toro riding model coming out?  Actually this was a number of decades old -- but it was a Toro.

You will notice he has all the proper safety gear on, including gloves, boots, and even a hat.  Certainly the smile reveals he's having fun too!

This new model Toro TimeCutter SW tractor turns on a dime, and still gives you 3 cents back, putting the fun back into mowing.  The traction is quite amazing, and the cut is typical "Tremendous Toro". 

There are 5 models broken down into essentially 2 levels: Typical homeowner units for small lawns, and then heavier duty machines with fabricated decks for larger lawns.

For those who have been asking for "riding lawn mower", this is it!

SW3200 SW4200 SW5000
32" stamped deck 42" stamped deck 50" stamped deck
452cc Toro Engine 208cc Toro Engine (~24.5hp) 208cc Toro Engine (~24.5hp)
$2,999 list $3,199 $3,399
Toro's SWX series has heavy duty fabricated decks and cushier seats. This makes them better for rough, or larger properties. SWX4200 SWX5050
42" 10ga.fabricated deck 50" 10ga. fabricated deck
208cc Toro Engine (~24.5hp) 208cc Toro Engine (~24.5hp)
Premium seat Premium seat
$4,499 $4,899

If you are interested in a homeowner Z, please click here.