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Walk Behind Rotary Mowers


Toro Recycler

Toro personal pace ensures the mower stays at your walking pace, not the machine's.
Steel decks are generally on the most cost-effective models (with the exception of Ariens, who has a terrific strong steel deck that mows exceptionally well). 

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Super Recycler

This takes the Toro walk behind to a new level with a cast deck, and air accelerators built into the deck to help make the air push the clippings down into the grass.  These machines can help your lawn look like a golf course!

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Things to look for:

  • Rear wheel drive mowers are highly preferred.  Why? Because front wheel drive units are very heavy to maneuver; a result of weight distribution shifted forward for 'traction' (or lack thereof).

  • Toro's personal pace keeps in step with you automatically!  No levers to play with... just walk, it'll stay right there.  If you stop... it stops.  If you go backwards, the drive releases and you can pull it backwards.  Super easy!

  • The bag takes seconds to remove. Nothing complicated here either.

  • You can change it mulch, side discharge, or bag: in seconds! (Not all models have all 3 options)

Toro TimeMaster

If don't like mowing with your traditional 21-22" rotary and want to finish as quick as you possibly can, then purchase this Toro TimeMaster 30" 2 bladed rotary mower. This is a rear bagging unit that keeps it's 30" width. With no caster wheels, it makes it much more compatible with hilly areas.  Aluminum framing with a steel deck ensure this machine will not weigh more than it needs to. Easy to adjust wheel height performed with only 2 levers. It has a Blade Stop System: the blades turn off but the engine will keep going. Drive is performed by Toro's exclusive Personal Pace drive control system. The blades are 'gator' type mulch.  This unit has been out a few years now, and performs extremely well, with lots of positive feedback.

This unit is designed for lawns, not for rough cut areas. 

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Toro E-Cycler

We also have the new Tor E-cycler all electric cordless Toro walkbehind mower.  If you have a small village lot, or just some trimming to do, this may be the answer!

See our Electronic Tools page.

Mulch, Bag,
Side Discharge?

A great mulching mower will grind up the clippings and literally send them INTO the ground so you don't have to see them. Cheap mulching mowers just cut the grass and leave the clippings on top of the grass.

Toro's mulching capabilities are very effective on the Super Recycler, as pushes the clippings into the lawn.  This helps to lock moisture into the soil for those hot summer days. Mulch also breaks down over time, creating a form of fertilizer.  The Cornell Extension says, "Mow when your grass is dry and 3 to 3-1/2 inches tall. Never cut it shorter then 2 to 2-1/2 inches or remove more than one third of the leaf surface at any one mowing."

Bagging is great to get rid of the clippings, especially near a pool. You can also suck up some amount of leaves as well. If you are mowing really deep or dense lawn (too much fertilizer, or too long of vacation), you may be emptying that bag more often than you would like to, but it generally beats raking.

The advantage of side discharge is that if you are mowing deep or dense lawn you can blow the discharge into 'windrows', and rake them up when you are done.

With most Ariens classic or Toro units, you can have your choice of all 3 modes with the same machine. So you can take your pick every time you mow: side discharge, mulch, or bag. Can it get any better?