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Yard Cleanup

Ariens Logsplitter

We sell Ariens logsplitters. These are good units designed to get the job done quickly, and may even leave a bit of change in your pocket.  We feel these units are some of the better combinations of price and performance.  They have Robin-Subaru engines which are reliable and easy to get parts for. There are two models available: 22, 27, and 34 ton.  Generally we carry both.

Gravely High Wheel mower

It cuts high grass - not your typical mower.  But it also does a good job on finish cut.

One of the advantages of this unit is a 24" width, as opposed to a typical 21" rotary.  It is self propelled, and the blade is belt driven.  Advantage of the belt?  Big. If there are a few nasty things in your lawn, such as rocks, roots, etc. it can literally kill a simple rotary mower with only 1 hit.  Since this  is belt drive, the belt takes up a lot of the hit, saving the engine crankshaft.

3 Wheel Leaf Blower

A leaf blower makes Fall so beautiful!  We carry Little Wonder and Billy Goat. We have rolling blowers from 5hp to self propelled 18hp! If you have a wide open area to remove leaves from, a 3 wheel blower is for you.

See 3 wheel blower info in PRO section.

EB7000 image

Backpack Blower

If you have a lot of plantings, or other obstacles to go around, you might be interested in a good backpack blower. As a matter of fact, anything short of a wide open lawn, you may do better with a good backpack blower. (Keyword: good, not 'OK' or 'cheap').

See Blowers section


See Chainsaws section

12pte9 model

Chipper / Shredders

There are many types of these machines on the market; some work great, some marginally, some barely! We try and filter out the great from the 'not so much'. We carry a variety of "Mighty Mac McKissick" shredders from 5hp up to 23hp+.

Keep In Mind...

  • Keeping any great machine great takes maintenance. Change those filters and oil!

  • Most of the products listed here are seasonal use; this means that the if fuel is left in the machine for longer than 1 month, it starts to deteriorate. If this is left unchecked, the fuel actually turns into varnish, and becomes very costly to repair. To avoid this, treat you last tank of gas with a fuel stabilizer. After running your machine, be sure you ran all the fuel out (or empty it into a fuel can), and be sure to run the fuel completely out of the carburetor too, by letting the engine run until it quits. Now you have double protection!

  • Keeping your equipment clean not only gives you pride in ownership, it helps you detect hidden problems.

  • Last but not least... always wear appropriate safety gear, including ear, eye, and head protection!  We carry a full line of protection devices.  If the equipment is new to you, we always provide equipment use demonstrations. No question is too ridiculous, only those not asked (and we don't have pop quizzes!)