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We sell Aggrand products. We sell Amsoil products.

BCS Products

BCS has been making farm products for over 50 years in Europe. But what sets them apart is the fact that they are still successful in this hard to predict market.

Their products are second to none, and utilize an all gear drive system - with NO belts. (Belts loose at least 15% of the power right off the beginning.)  Their automotive style self adjusting clutch looses at 3%.

The tines on the tiller spin 50% faster than that of Tr_yBilt, making the soil much finer. They also have a snowblower and sweeper for municipalities.  Their brush cutters are amazing, and their sickle bar is sick! (Young person's colloquialism for it really works great!) 

If you are serious about your garden, or if you want a commercial grade machine truly built to last. You need to check this multi-use machine out!

The BCS is a jack of all trades, with a very attractive cost, without sacrificing quality or usability. They have no belts to break. They are built like a Sherman tank (about the same vintage, too!)

Attachments for most 2 wheel tractors

    Tough serrated augers and a wide 32" housing devour snow and ice with ease, while the chute blows it higher and farther than ever.

  2. BLADE
    The sturdy 48" blade attachment quickly and effortlessly pushes snow, dirt and other debris out of the way.

  3. BRUSH
    Available in either 40" or 44" widths; easily sweeps away debris and light snow from sidewalks and driveways and even pulls thatch from lawns.

  4. DECK
    An industrial-strength mowing deck available in 30" and 40" cutting widths easily blow through the tallest grass, even small brush.

    With this attachment it’s easy to maneuver vehicles anywhere you need or want them to go.

    Use that power to make heat, with the 20ton logsplitter

    Clean up that mess around the yard! Sticks, and all! The best part is this: it is self propelled!

  8. CART
    With an 875 pound payload capacity!


Are you ready for a BCS?

Model 710

The Harvester 710 is good for the home gardener who wants to get started with a BCS! The 710 is powered by the 5.7hp Subaru engine. With 3 forward speeds, 2 reverse speeds and a instant reverse makes this a very versatile machine.

Model 718

Built to the same specifications as the 716, this model has an enhanced handlebar system that provides more vertical height settings, added anti-vibration, and improves shifting.

Model 853

Powered by a 13HP Honda or a 10HP Yanmar Diesel engine, this top-of-the-line model features three working speeds in both directions, differential drive, and turning brakes.