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String Trimmers


Curve Shaft String Trimmers

Cure shaft trimmers generally are set at a lower price because there are light duty, simpler, and more limited, in design. They can trim grass...  and that's it.  But if that's all you need to do in a small setting, then this might be for you.

The FS38 is for the budget conscious person with a typical 1/4-1/2 acre lot. It has a curved shaft, and weighs 9.3lbs.

The FS40 CE is the same as above, but has Easy2Start for those who could use a hand getting it started.  This is especially convenient for those with limited body motion in their arms that can make starting a trimmer difficult.  (Or, it can be for your "fairer other half".

Stihl's EasyStart © makes starting the engine extremely easy: as you can pull the starter rope as slow as you like.

. FS 45 Trimmer

Straight Shaft String Trimmers

Straight shaft string trimmers are typically heavier duty; they contain a straight driveline and a gearbox. Understand that some models have a 'wound' driveline, even though it is 'straight' in shape...  these are still tougher than the curve shaft, but the strongest drivelines overall will be solid.

Redmax still uses 2 stroke motors, but they utilize an exhaust port scavenging design called Stratocharge. Stihl has a few straight shaft models that still have a 2 stroke motor, but most of their units use the 4 Mix engine.

The 4 Mix engine is really a 4 stroke engine that runs on 2 stroke fuel. It has valves, but no oil reservoir (so it does not matter what angle you turn the engine). This is now used on a variety of Stihl models, because of it's higher torque characteristics, quietness, and of course, the politically correctness of CARB emissions.

The 4 Mix is very torquey at low RPM's and throughout the throttle range. That makes these machines absolutely wonderful for blade work, and pole pruning.  A typical 2 stroke engine has to wind up to get power, so that makes it more annoying when doing those 2 chores in particular.

FS 110 Trimmer/Brushcutter
Redmax has a model for almost everyone but we are especially fond of the commercial grade units. Users can enjoy the lightweight handling, hour after hour, day after day!

TR23xx series is a great lightweight trimmer for home and commercial use.
BCZ24xx and BCZ26xx series are great for commercial use.

Redmax Stratocharge

Redmax has what is a clean burn with a special 2 barrel carburetor, in a engine technology called Stratocharge™.

This process also helps fuel to go further as well. All good!

Our commercial cutters love these machines because of reliability and great prices. Their new cushion on the grips feel mighty fine too!

If you want simplicity, yet reliability, Redmax is the way to go.

Our thoughts:  For economics, any of the brands will work. But for brushcutting, we prefer Stihl's clutch (on their straight, solid drive shaft) because it holds up VERY well. For pro landscaper use, we sell many Redmax and Stihl.