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We sell Aggrand products. We sell Amsoil products.

Other Handheld Power Tools

BT-45 Drill
Stihl handheld drills

Great for railroad ties, and various landscaper work! Super portable power for doing most drilling on the job.

An excellent too for the repetitive hole drilling required for plantings.  Get that vineyard going!


The Cultivator to end all Cultivators.

The Stihl MM55 is quick, convenient, easy to store, and more!  Truly an engineering marvel in such an easy package.  The handlebar folds down to fit into most any trunk (and it's 21lbs is easy to lift). This unit can also have various accessories such as the wheel kit, weight kit, paddles, broom, edger, dethatcher, and more!


SR 420

Mister / Sprayer

This is not only a blower, but it is a 'mister' as well (no relation to 'mrs'). The advantage here is that is completely covers the plant/tree/etc. with the application, instead of just the top. And... it uses less spray material too! I experimented with a customer, and it seemed to us that it would blow material (water in this case) up to about 15 feet above your head. 

We sold a few a these to local organic farmers, who mist with their fish composite over plantings to keep the bugs away.  That fish residue also feeds the plants tremendously well.  See our 'Organic' line.


Edgers help trim up those 'unsightly bulges' of grass that follow along walks and driveways.  It provides an beautiful neat trimming effect that puts the finishing touch on plantings as well.

We have these products in Stihl as well as Redmax brands.