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Manual Non-Powered Tools

PH 80 Hedge shears help you give that manicured look. You could practically give a haircut with these. There are 2 models to choose from.
PL 40 With 3 models of loppers, you can cut up to 2" wide. When you have tried the cheap versions in big box stores, you need to try these! Sooo sweet!
PP 80 6 variations of this great tool help almost anyone trim as needed. There is a difference in cutting ease throughout the lineup.
PS 40 Pruning Saw There are 5 different hand pruning saws in the Stihl lineup. Variations included fixed or folding blades, and blade length.
There are blade treatment varieties as well. Blades are designed to 'glide' thru the wood, cutting on the 'pull'. Very smooth!
SG 20 The SG20 is a very capable backpack sprayer, with a 4.75 gallon capacity and 40 psi.

The SG10 is a mini handheld version, great for small jobs or small batches that must be prepared.

PP 900 STIHL Pole Pruner Set Stihl pole pruning saws are made for the professional arborist, yet affordable for many home owners as well. There are a number of different variations, including full pole extensions in the picture, but also telescoping versions as well.

Note: When looking at the Stihl site...
the "PP" models are the manual types. The HT are motorized.