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Hedge Trimmers

HS 45 hedge trimmer

Stihl HS45 18"
Hedge trimmers are the most  practical, and best value hedge trimmers you can find.  You really get a lot for your money.

1.01bhp, 27.2cc

HS 81 R Pro Hedge Trimmer Stihl HS81R 24" or 30"
Professional grade for heavy pruning or rejuvenation. Complete with wider teeth, swivel handle in rear, and smooth antivibration.

24" or 30"
.94bhp, 22.7cc

HL 45 (0) extended reach hedge trimmerHL 100 K (135) Pro extended reach hedge trimmer
Stihl HL45 and HL100K professional extended reach hedge trimmers... when you need extra reach. Great for taller hedges.
CHT2250 Redmax CHT2250 series has been a mainstay for us. Works well, lightweight.

1.2bhp, 22cc

CHTZ2460L Redmax Hedge Trimmer Redmax  CHTZ2460L is pro grade complete with swivel rear handlebar, and great antivibration.

1.14bhp, 23.6cc