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Electric Power Tools

Advantages of Electric Tools

  1. No gas engine to feed fuel.

  2. No gas engine for regular maintenance.

  3. No gas engine to repair after sitting too long.

  4. No exhaust fumes, or gasoline odor.

  5. Minimizes pollution.

Disadvantages of Electric Tools

  1. The electric cord minimizes freedom

  2. The electric cord has a typical length limitation of 100' when using 16 ga. wire.

  3. Battery powered units run out of power too quickly for larger applications

Who is best suited for Electric Tools?

  1. Smaller property owners that use shorter cords, and have less wear time on the battery.

  2. People who are "mechanically disadvantaged".

  3. Those with various allergies to fuel, fumes, etc.

  4. People who are environmentally conscience.

Toro electric snow shovelToro power curve, 110vToro has 2 models of electric snowblowers that work extremely well. The PowerShovel is great for small decks and walkways. The more powerful 1800 works well even on small driveways!

Big news in the rechargeable tool realm.  Stihl now has rechargeable LI battery powered hedge trimmers, & string trimmers.

Stihl too, has electric 110v chainsaw and hedgetrimmers.  Their electric chainsaws have been around for decades. Very well made stuff, not cheaply done at all. 

Stihl's RMA 370 provides yet another opportunity to use your battery and charger from your other Stihl tools...

Stihl RMA 370 electric mower