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Handheld and Backpack Blowers

Stihl BG Handhelds

Stihl's handheld blower are stronger than some backpacks! Light too! As you move up the model lineup, you gain output power, and also amenities such as rubber hand grip, rubber feet, and 'cruise control'.

For those who struggle with starting 2-stroke engines Stihl's Easy 2 Start is available on a variety of machines, including trimmers, chainsaws, and cultivators.

Model BG 55

"Easy 2 Start" in action...
When you pull the rope, a spring is wound, and when the spring is tight enough, it will turn over the engine for you. You no longer have to pull the engine over fast

Sometimes the hardest part for some people is just pulling over the engine, whether age, fairer sex, or injuries past... the Easy Start can often times get you beyond the barrier.

Most Stihl backpack blowers utilize the new 4-Mix hybSTIHL 4-Mix Enginerid engine. It is essentially a 4 stroke engine that runs on 2 stroke (premix) fuel. The technology can be found in backpack blowers, string trimmers, pole pruners, and more. We have found many advantages, including quiet, and good on gas.

Stihl BR700

BR 600
4 Mix engine technology is a wonderful thing on this backpack blower. It sound different, more of a lower pitch, because of the engine type.

There are a number of 4 Mix models to choose from.  For more information on how they measure against other brands in terms of weight and fuel usage, take a look at this!

Redmax has the stratocharged engine. The idea is to scavenge unused fuel from the exhaust and re-introduce them to the combustion chamber. A fancy way of saying it 'recycles exhaust'. This engine technology is used extensively in their backpack blowers and string trimmers.

We have various size Redmax machines to fit every need and budget. But our personal favorite is the Redmax EBZ8500 backpack blower. It sets the standard in power.

One important note: You should never borrow one of these machines... you will get spoiled quickly. Everything else falls short... and you just HAVE to buy one for yourself!

Redmax EBZ8500

With a 75.6 cc displacement and 4.43 horsepower, the EBZ8500 produces a maximum air speed of 206 MPH with tube air flow approaching 908 CFM.

Best part? It lost weight!  It only weighs 24.7 lbs!  This is only a bit more than a pound more than it's little brother. Read the reviews on this.

You have to watch BOTH  MPH  and  CFM.   It takes two to tango.

We say this: buy the biggest, baddest, meanest leaf blower you can afford! Most of the time this rule of thumb works!  I've never heard anyone say, "I've got too much power".  We don't twist your arm, we just tweak your thinking!

You will never come back and thank us for saving you a few bucks on machine that is too small, but we've had more than a few people stop by raving about how well their new machine works! 

Check out this funny Stihl movie file: power tools.wmv