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Gasoline Help


A Few Guidelines for Gasoline Equipment:


1. Use high octane fuel (91-93 octane). Avoid off-brand or budget gas stations. Avoid low octane.

2. Use fresh fuel… pumped no longer than 1 month ago.

3. When using premix, use only high quality premix oil. (We prefer Stihl or Redmax brands.)

4. Shake the fuel can before EVERY use.

5. Empty the fuel can completely before refilling. Inspect fuel can for water or debris before refilling the can. Always put the cap back on the can if so equipped.

6. If you are not using the unit for longer than 2 weeks, empty the fuel out of the unit. Then start the engine and let it idle until it stops.

7. Use a current spill proof fuel can to minimize fuel exposure to air.

8. Read your Owner’s Manual for further instructions.

9. Or... use Redmax or Stihl MotoMix fuel. 

STIHL MotoMix®


-Gasoline and synthetic oil all in one.

-Contains NO ethanol

- 92 octane

-Shelf life of 2 years!