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Ethanol Issues

Fuel Problems 101

Fuel is not what it used to be.  Among other things, Ethanol has been introduced into the fuel chains, and has created a myriad of problems for our small engine world.  Why does the government want to use ethanol?   It is supposed to decrease the amount of dependence the USA has on foreign oil. Frankly, we call it just "bad math". (Loose $10, get $5).  

For answers to this problem, see our fuel page...

Whether we like it or not, the government seems to think ethanol is here to stay.  So, here is what is looks like.  It's the white stuff on the bottom of the 3 oz. bottle. When this was initially pumped locally at a reputable local gas station, it contained roughly 15% alcohol and what ever else (water and mush). 

For grins we added more water to see what would happen. The white section merely thickened. But when you shake this bottle, everything goes away -- for a few minutes.  You get a white cloud. Makes you wonder what they can get away with pumping at the gas station.


This pictures shows the phase separation starting to re-occur only moments after this bottle was shaken.  But pay particular attention to the inner right side of the bottle.  The jell that formed is now a part of the bottle. Whether the fuel is in contact or not.  This jell is what clogs up carburetors, especially on 2 stroke carbs that have a very fine inlet screen. It litterally forms on the screen and becomes a blockage.

This is how small the inlet screen is on a 2 stroke carb. Very fine mesh to keep out dust and debris. The ethanol clogs these with a jelly like substance creating a fuel starvation issue.

We use an Ultrasonic Cleaner that utilizes heat, frequency, and a gentle solvent. It is probably about 90% effective.  For those carburetors that refuse to work corretly after being cleaned, replacement is the only option.

For answers to this problem, see our fuel page...