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Commercial Leaf Blowers


 Backpack Blowers

Stihl Backpack blowers

Stihl has a good backpack blower that works well in many applications. Using their 4 Mix, it keeps noise minimal while performing the task.  The largest model, BR700 is actually quite light, weighing in at 23.4 lbs.

EBZ8000 image

Redmax Backpack blowers

Redmax is second to none in backpack blowers. We feel they offer the highest output (looking at CFM, MPH, and "seat of the pants" experience), while retaining a light weight, and reliability.

Want the best?  Look around at what the pro's are using. 

It is difficult to compare all the specs from one brand to another. Certain items such as fuel tank capacity, engine CC's, and weight are all common and established measurements.  But there are no established standards for measuring performance in terms on horsepower across all manufacturers.  Even more crucial, there are no standards for measuring CFM or MPH. After all, performance is not "what you got", but rather, what you do with what you got".  When you see a little electric powered handheld blower rated at 200mph, you've go to wonder!

This is why relying on your dealer is so important.  And ask fellow landscapers and see what they are using. 
Bet'cha it'll be RED.

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3 Wheel Blowers


blowers have been a mainstay for many of our commercial users for years.
Since the frame is metal, it is pretty bullet proof... even for a Landscaper! With the larger wheels, it makes it easier to roll.  However, keep in mind that since this machine is practically all metal, the impeller included, it does weigh more. The preferred engines are Subaru & Honda.  Air flow is adjustable up and down, and also forward. There are various models available, from approx. 6hp thru approx. 14hp.  We may not stock all the models, but we normally have the 'right mix'.

BillyGoat and LittleWonder have been arguing for years over who has the best performing 3 wheel blower. In our opinion they are both substantial players, and we have not found any other brands who can eclipse their performance. The bottom line, go with either one and you can't loose.


LittleWonder has a tremendous truck loader.  From our experience, we believe they were one of the first to have a 'shredding' device on their impeller, and it works impressively.

'Talon' is the trade name given to their aggressive claw, designed to eat and shred debris. Shredding counts, because that's all the more that you can fit into your 'box' !!
For easy access to truck bed, use the optional swing away hitch.  Or use a 2" hitch mount (front or rear). Or these units may be mounted on trailers.  We've seen many places our customers have mounted these in such creative ways that would make even NASA jealous.