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Lawn Renovation

BillyGoat OverSeeder

Vertislicers are used to dig up the grass bed, and if accessorized, put down of layer of grass seed.

What is a vertislicer?  It has a vertical set of blades (up and down) that are designed to mutilate your lawn.  Yes, to you ladies, it's like those chemicals they put on your face to make you peel, and hopefully you look better after the process is said and done.  Except in this case, you are practically destroying the lawn, to be able to plant additional seed, and the whole lawn eventually comes up looking like new. 

BillyGoat Towbehind Aerator

This unit will create plugs of dirt and sod.  As a tow behind, it can be pulled by a Z mower.  The containers shown are for water; this is a for adding weight as needed.  Aerating a lawn not only help oxygen get into the soil, but it loosens the soil allowing the roots easier growth, which helps worms to do their thing.

LittleWonder BedShaper

How long does it take to edge a 3' circle around a tree?  10-20 minutes?  What if you could do this in 3 minutes?  The difference is that significant.  We have many landscapers who own these units, and the time they save is unimaginable.

It has a "trailing" blade arm which eases over rocks and roots.  As the unit progresses, it leaves behind a strip of sod that can easily be picked up and discarded. Soooo easy.

Toro Stump GrinderToro SGR6 Stump Grinder

6.5hp of muscle to make quick and economical work of roots. It has Quadrublade® designed to make cutting quicker with 12 tungsten carbide teeth.

SGR quardublade