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Construction Saws

Stihl has a demo saw second to none, as can be attested by our many commercial entities who own them.  Some of the models now include electronic control of the water system; water is there when you need it, and turned off when you don't.

The most important yet neglected part of the cutoff saw is the air filter. It's a mess that has to be deal with it.  Now with Stihl's new design, the operator can go up to 1 year without changes, depending upon cutting conditions...  when the engine starts bogging down, you know it's time for filters.

STIHL, the number one selling brand of cut-off machines worldwide, features the X2 Air Filtration System, standard on the STIHL TS 410, 420, 480i, 500i, 700 and 800. This low maintenance air filtration system revolutionizes the cut-off machine industry by allowing air filters to last up to a year, based on cutting conditions. It's virtually maintenance free and maintains an incredible 99.96% cleaning efficiency.

Don't forget the new TSA230 battery powered cutoff saw!

A Swirling motion at separation tunnels removes 80% of dirt particles.
B Pre-cleaned air passes through primary and secondary filters.
C 99.96% clean air enters the carburetor and engine.


This new air filtration method on many of the new Stihl cutoff saws allows the operator to keep using the machine longer between air filter replacement. It has a special swirling motion that removes up to 80% of the particles.  This way over 99% of the air that enters the carb has been cleaned.