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Commercial Trimmer

Stihl has a great selection of string trimmers (a great selection of everything) in their arsenal. What sets their string trimmers apart?

  • The clutch is a 'metal on metal' not 'metal on brake material'. This makes them much more resilient, especially for brushcutting.

  • These can take many of the Kombi attachments!

  • The FourMix engine is used on the commercial units, which creates a lot of torque, is better on fuel, and is quieter too.

  • Stihl makes their own resilient easy to load, and fix, trimmer head.

KM 110 R

HL-KM 135° Adjustable Hedge Trimmer

HT-KM Pole Pruner

FBD-KM Bed Redefiner

Redmax string trimmers are popular in our shop for these reasons:

  • Redmax engines are very resilient
  • They use stratocharged engines that help reduce fuel usage and pollution
  • Low vibration loop handlebar
  • Redmax makes their own trimmer head that is easy to load and replace parts as needed.
    • Many RedMax trimmers include drive shafts that are designed to reduce vibration and improves acceleration, creating a much higher load-carrying capacity. The result is an efficient, low-friction, smooth-running machine that is comfortable to use.