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Debris Collection


Rear Bagger Systems for Z's: 

Boss-Vac Pro Collection System, 3 bag
Bobcat 3 bag collection system

Bobcat Boss Vac

Removable bags in the rear is the most common form of collection system. Using the mower deck belt power, it propels a 'blower' via belt from the right side spindle. This forces the debris up the tube to the rear. Once installed, usually these are very easy on/off. Works absolutely beautifully!

Bobcat, Gravely, and Toro all have their own respective forms of this type.

Boss Vac system by Bobcat
Bobcat BossCat dumping debris
Bobcat also has introduced a new model of the BossVac bagger that dumps from the rear while seated, instead of getting up to empty a bag.
Toro 2 or 3 bag commercial collection system

2 or 3 bag system, depending upon deck size.

Toro Bagger

Toro has a rear bagger that fits their Z mowers... it works incredibly well. Their horizontally mounted impeller is positioned above the deck creating continuous airflow to the bagging system, while minimizing impact to the impeller from those nasty things that can bend them.

Toro DFS bagger Toro also has their DFS system (Dump From Seat), that allows you to stay seated while emptying bag.

Gravely Bagger

Gravely also has a rear bagger available for their Z units. It's worked quite well for us, and has a great track record.

TracVac Z Pro Collection Unit

Everything is sucked into the rear with a 'pony' motor and impeller. Then you empty a 44 gal. container instead of hopper. The boot that goes on to the deck is custom made per machine.  There are various configurations, including multiple bag, fixed motor, and more.  These were extremely common at one point, but since the Z mfrs now have their own collection systems, this unit is becoming obsolete.