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Sherwoods Power Equipment

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We sell Aggrand products. We sell Amsoil products.

Our History

Just to give you an idea of the experience we have, this chart shows you the various brands we carry, and how many concurrent years we have been selling and servicing them. We have carried other brands throughout the years (and even more than these currently!), but these have been our mainstays.

Sherwood's Power Equipment was started in the late 1940's, by George Sherwood. He was a mechanic by trade at the Main Street Garage, in Cornwall, NY.  He began this business with popular name brands that we still carry today, such as Toro and Ariens.  He worked hard to hand down a sufficient business to his son, which he succeeded in doing.

His son, David, met even more success in the business by adding product brands, and adding onto the building. He was a stickler for neatness, which was passed down to this next generation, along with his many mechanical abilities. He currently resides in sunny Tennessee, although he greatly misses his family.

Our business is now in it's fourth generation. We have other members of the community involved as we work like a family, even if all of our last names may not be 'Sherwood'.

Ariens since 1950's
Bobcat since 1970's
Stihl since 1990's
Toro since 1960's

Some pictures from days gone by!

House being built, backside

House completed, business started

Shop truck, 1939 Ford

Grandpa (on left) Received a special air mail award; first Air Mail flight our local airport!

2nd Generation; David Sherwood (and mom)

The shop when Chip is 'becoming' in  charge. Check out the GE ElecTrac tractor in the front, left.

The shop today. Empty parking lot? 
Its a miracle! No, it's Sunday.


This is a family run business. Brothers, wives, kids, and good friends, all put together to create an atmosphere of family and community.