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Sherwoods Power Equipment

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We sell Aggrand products. We sell Amsoil products.

About Us

Company Mission
Everyone has a 'mission,' and ours is easy to remember:  
"To WOW our customer with the best possible sales, service, and parts;  in price and quality." 
Fancy wording? We want to make our customers feel like they just had a great meal...  all warm inside!

We work hard to ensure you receive the quality you expect.


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Our History in Pictures

Company Profile

More than a few times a customer has come in, just to thank us, and then walk back out the door. We enjoy the satisfaction knowing you have the right machine for the job, to that end we work tirelessly! We are regarded as highly experienced in our field, even the equipment engineers will ask for help from time to time. 

We strive to be always fair  and go the extra mile for our customers. 

Sherwood's is an active part of our community, serving private and commercial customers, churches, schools, municipalities, federal government entities, and more. The local fire districts depend on fast, perfect service. We work hard to satisfy!

We look forward to meeting you in the near future, to see how we can help your needs.