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Sherwoods Power Equipment

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We sell Aggrand products. We sell Amsoil products.

Contact Us

Call  845-564-0630

Address  1775 Route 300,
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Email  Sherwoodispower@hotmail.com

For sales information, please feel free to call us. 

For equipment servicing or repairs

  • You can drop off the equipment any time during normal operating hours, or call us to arrange a pick-up. 
  • Remember that pre-season is the best time, not post season. Get a FRESH service!
  • Repairs are on a first come - first serve basis.  

For parts, please be sure to have on hand...

  • Equipment Manufacturer
  • Model number off unit (or engine model number for engine parts)
  • Serial number off unit (or engine spec/type/series/ and serial number for engine parts)

If you really want to eliminate error, bring in the numbers above, and the part(s). Sometimes the MFRs are wrong. If you bring us a part with no numbers to go with it, we can only try our best.

One last note: Gravely part numbers constantly change. Sometimes it creates confusion mixing old with new. We have no control over that.  Special order Gravely parts may be returned for a 40% restock fee.  Sorry for the inconvenience.